Platit AG is a Swiss company that manufactures and markets coating equipment for the manufacturing cutting tool industry. It is one of the technology leaders in Physical vapor deposition coating technology .

Platit was founded by the Blösch group in 1992 .The company’s headquarters are located in Selzach, Switzerland,.Subsidiaries are located in the Chicago, USA, Shanghai, China, Seoul, South Korea, Roskilde, Denmark, Switzerland and the Czech Republic. There are 465 installations on 38 countries. Platit is wholly mainly owned by BCI Group, a Swiss conglomerate that focusses on products for the Swiss watch industry.



  • Compact hard coating unit
  • Based on PLATIT LARC® , CERC® and SCiL® technologies (LAteral Rotating Cathodes, CEntral Rotating Cathodes and Sputtered Coatings induced by LARC-GD®)
  • Coating on tool steels (TS) above 230 °C, high speed steels (HSS) 350-500 °C and on tungsten carbide (WC) between 350-550 °C
  • Reconfigurable by the user into different cathode setups:
    • A: 3 LARC® cathodes and 1 CERC® cathode 
    • B: 3 LARC® cathodes (-)
    • C: 3 LARC® cathodes and 1 SCiL® cathode


  • Compact hard coating unit
  • Based on PLATIT rotating (LARC®) and planar ARC-technology
  • Coatings on tool steels HSS and WC between (T ≤ 500 °C​)


  • Compact hardcoating unit
  • Based on PLATIT LARC® technology (LAteral Rotating Cathodes)
  • Coating on tool steels (TS) above 230 °C, high speed steels (HSS) 350 – 500 °C and on tungsten carbide (WC) between 350 – 550 °C


  • High volume compact unit
  • The “workhorse” for coating centers
  • 4 planar cathodes
  • Conventional and selected TripleCoatings
  • Usable plasma volume: ø700×750 mm
  • Coatable volume: ø700×700 mm
  • Loading with ø10mm end mills: 1056 pieces
  • 3 batches / day