• This modular-structured wetbench consists of several independent modules with different equipment.
  • This modular structure enables a maximum of flexibility
  • Ramgraber offers you equipment for excellent wafer cleaning.
  • The modular design allows customised configurations according to your process requirements.


This fully automatic production system serves the pre-cleaning and de-glueing of sawn Si-ingots.04_deglue_star_01

  • This fully automatic production plant serves the pre-cleaning and de-glueing of sawed Si-ingots.
  • At first the Si-ingots are pre-cleaned and then they will be removed from the carrier-bar via chemical/thermic processes. This process remove the glue between Si-ingot and carrier-bar.
  • We will be delighted to adjust the plant to your specific wishes and processes.

semi automatic: EMMA®

This semi-automatic space-saving system allows very short relocating times (less  than 2 seconds) between the stations through the integrated quick-relocate system.02_semi-automatic_emma_01

  • This handling system ensures a reproducible process.
  • At the beginning of the process the carrier is lowered into the wetchemical process bath. At the end of the process time the goods are relocated into the rinse bath (transfer time adjustable). In the rinse bath the transport arm is also cleaned of chemical residue.
  • Throughout the whole process the carrier is held in vertical position. This ensures a sage relocating of the goods without oscillating.


automatic: TIGER®

Semi automatic Front End RCA Plant

  • The plant is build as Digestorium with exhaust socket and adjustable exhaust air flap.
  • It is possible to process Wafer with diameter 200 mm in a Standard-Carrier.

Single-Wafer SPIN ETCH


This Single-Wafer Spin Etch machine is suitable for etching of substrates.

  • High-precision, program-controlled etching of substrates
  • Accurate positioning of the spray arms
  • Fully automatic as well as manual positioning of the spray arms
  • For a wide range of applications (edge etching, residue / photoresist removal etc.)
  • Flexible for your specific application

MANUAL PLATER® – current-carrying

  • The compact MANUAL PLATER® offers you the flexibility, which you need to elaborate new solutions: You can 01_manual_plater_current_carrying_01vary all relevant process parameters such as current, voltage, temperature et cetera. The corresponding recipes can be stored.
  • Substrate holder, shield technique, electrolyte flow towards the substrate, electrolyte preparation et cetera – we offer you for each topic the individual solution, which is right for you
  • Through numerous projects in the field of the electroless deposition of nickel, gold, etc. and close cooperation with leading research institutes, we have an enormous pool of experience

MANUAL PLATER® – electroless

Take also advantage of our MANUAL PLATER® – electroless which allows you to realize your ideas flexibly and which provides you our long-time “electroless 02_manual_plater_electrolessplating”-know how.

  • Due to numerous projects in the sector of electroless plating of Nickel, Gold etc. and due to close cooperation with leading R&D institutes, we have extensive experience.
  • Take also advantage of our MANUAL PLATER ® – electroless which allows you to realize your ideas flexibly and which provides you our long-time “electroless plating”-know how.

PLATING STAR® – current-carrying

  • With fully-automatic electroplating equipment from RAMGRABER you are best equipped to generate homogeneous plating results in stable, reproducible processes.


  • You can implement the PLATING STAR® for development with moderate numbers of pieces as well as for industrial realization in 3-shift-operation with high throughput rates.
  • Rectifier, processes and the transfer system are controlled by PLC. You can vary all relevant parameters such as current, voltage, temperature et cetera.
  • We design and manufacture substrate holders which are individually fitted to your substrates and your requirements, so that an ideal contacting results. For your maximum output, the transfer system leads your substrate holders time-optimised through the chosen processes.

Single Wafer

  • Etching


  • Cleaning
  • Stripping
  • Metal Lfit Off
  • Ozone Processes
  • Wafers or Masks
  • Manual loading or fully automatic handling options
  • Single or dual chamber configurations
  • 2″ – 12″ wafers or masks
  • Programmable media arm(s)
  • Polymer construction for acid/bases or stainless steel for solvent
  • Multiple chuck designs and easy change out
  • Pressurized or pump chemical delivery systems
  • Several nozzle options (fan spray, puddle, high pressure)
  • Heated chemical up to 80°C
  • Touc screen interfac

Glove Cleaner

The Glove Cleaner is a Unit to clean contaminate Gloves.

The Glove Cleaner can be used as an Stand Alone Tool or intgrated in a Wetbench. The Spraying chamber consist of an DI-Water Nozzle for cleaning and a N2-Nozlle to blow off the Gloves.

Start of the Glove Cleaner with an Angle Button.