PVS-5000 is a high throughput, field proven PV Wafer Inspection and Sorting System.PVS-5000_300-200

It combines high reliability wafer handling with Semilab’s industry leading PV metrology, to provide a turnkey solution for sorting of incoming wafers. This is backed by direct expert support from the OEM metrology manufacturer, through our worldwide network of branch offices.

Sorter purpose

  • Eliminating damaged wafers from further process
  • Eliminating high thickness variation wafers (TTV, sawmark)
  • Sorting of potentially weak wafers (microcracks) which could break in subsequent process steps
  • Sorting based on resistivity, and lifetime values
  • Sorting of wafers with dislocations, high contamination and vacancy density
  • Wafer input: loading from cassettes or stack
  • Wafer output: Sorting in different user-defined classes, collection in coinstacks
  • High throughput