The IR 3100 Family of Products Model Based Infrared Reflectance TechnologyIR-3100_300x

The IR3100 products uses proprietary model-based infrared reflectometry (MBIR) technology to deliver high-throughput, low COO, non-contact, non-destructive measurements of the thickness and uniformity of dielectric layers and etched structures used in integrated circuit manufacturing. The unique technology and analysis capability of the IR3100 product simplifies system calibration requirements and removes the effect of substrate variations for key layer measurements.

  • Scalable measurement capability at all technology nodes
  • Capable of mixed 200/300 or 150/200 mm operation under software control
  • Windows® based software with menu driven recipe selection/generation
  • Cognex Patmax® pattern recognition
  • Loadport configuration can be upgraded in the field
  • Robust glowbar/halogen source with a lifetime > 2 years

Process Applications

  • High aspect ratio trenches
  • Stack DRAM structures
  • Power device trench structures
  • Dielectric layer thickness and composition
  • Epitaxial and SOI layer thickness
  • USJ Implant Monitoring