The Most Powerful Tool Available for Monitoring Thin-Film Deposition

Measure deposition rates, film thickness, optical constants (n and k), and uniformity of semiconductors and dielectric layers in real-time with the F30 spectral reflectance system.

Example Layers

MBE and MOCVD: Smooth and translucent, or lightly absorbing films, may be measured. This includes virtually any semiconducting material, from AIGaN to GaInAsP.

Model Thickness Range* Wavelength Range
F30 15nm-70µm 380-1050nm
F30-EXR 15nm – 250µm 380-1700nm
F30-NIR 100nm – 250µm 950-1700nm
F30-UV 3nm-40µm 190-1100nm
F30-UVX 3nm – 250µm 190-1700nm
F30-XT 0.2µm – 450µm 1440-1690nm