Thin-Film Deposition


Although “deposition of thin layers from gas phase” perhaps doesn’t sound terribly exciting, this is one of the most important ways in production of e.g. integrated circuits. Basically, the deposition includes methods to produce a thin film on another surface. Techniques allowing to achieve this is many, our offer includes devices designed for CVD, PVD, ALD etc ..

Below is a list of instruments designed for thin film deposition:
beneq ald

    • Beneq
      • devices for ALD (Atomic Layer Deposition)
        • TFS 200, for ALD research, with superior CCP plasma, including Particle ALD™ option
        • TFS 200R, for spatial ALD research
        • TFS 500, multi-purpose batch ALD system
        • TFS 600, batch ALD system, do 400×500 mm (Gen 2)
        • TFS 1200, batch ALD system, do 1200×1200 mm (Gen 4)
        • TFS NX300, high volume batch ALD system, 156×156 mm
        • P400A and P800, multi-purpose batch ALD system
        • WCS 600, roll-to-roll ALD system, 500 mm width
        • Beneq R11
        • Beneq T2S
      • Aerosol coatings 
        • ACS 200, for industrial aerosol thin film coatings
        • FCS 500, designed for producing various functional coatings on a laboratory scale
        • FCS 4000F, heavy-duty production system designed for continuous in-line coating on float glass lines
        • Beneq-Glaston TFC2000 ™, Beneq nAERO® thin film TCO-coating of glass in the solar industry

oxford deposition

    • Oxford Instruments
      • ICP CVD
      • PECVD
      • PVD
      • IBD


  • Devices:
    • Spin Coater Ramgraber
    • Nadetech Innovation:
      • ND-DC Dip Coater
      • ND-R Rotary Dip Coater
      • ND Layer-by-layer Coater
      • ND-SP Ultrasonic spray coater
      • ND-SP Precision Spray Coater
      • ND-ES Lab Electrospinning Unit