Affordable Reflectance, Transmittance, and Film Thickness MeasurementaRTie_detail-large

aRTie represents a breakthrough in spectral reflectometer affordability and ease-of-use. Time consuming reference readings and minutes-long lamp warm-ups are a thing of the past. Simply plug aRTie into your computer’s USB port and you’re ready to go. aRTie’s 40,000-hour light source and on-board spectroscopic calibration mean that maintenance is nil and measurement confidence is high.

What’s So Special About aRTie?

  • Reference and background steps are not required
  • Powered through USB cable – no other connections or set up required
  • Start the software and in 10 seconds aRTie is ready to go
  • 40,000-hour light source
  • Automatic on-board wavelength calibration
  • Measures spectral R, T, R+T, A(=1-R-T), and color of flat specular samples
  • Film thickness and refractive index analysis optional
  • 380-1050nm wavelength range
Model Thickness Range* Wavelength Range
F2-RT 15nm – 70µm** 380-1050nm
F2-RT-UV 1nm – 40µm** 190-1100nm