Equipment for industrial aerosol thin film coatings


Beneq ACS 200 offers a revolutionary new way to apply wet film using Beneq’s aerosol coating method. It is a compact form of Beneq’s industrial coating equipment. Beneq’s aerosol coating technology combines the quality of spin coating and the scalability of spray coating to reach a highly uniform and conformal coating result. The Beneq ACS 200 is designed to offer a flexible platform for research and development of thin film coatings and surface chemistry in a robust and easy-to-use package.

Beneq ACS 200 offers:

  • Uniformity and quality matching spin coating with built-in industrial scalability
  • Quality exceeding conventional spray coating methods
  • High reliability due to industrial key components
  • Broad chemical compatibility
  • Small particle deposition
  • Non-contact process enables coating of structured or slightly curved substrates