Vibrations accompany us everywhere and, in most cases, these vibrations are undesirable. Such disturbances can be caused by traffic, motors and machine tools, oil and gas platforms, buildings and other construction in seismic zones, undesirable locations of laboratory tables and experimental setups, etc. Modern technologies, e.g. in the area of high-resolution measurements, high-precision manufacturing processes, and super lightweight constructions, require effective anti-vibration solutions to achieve maximum performance. In all these cases, objects require isolation from the sources of vibration. This is particularly true for experiments or processes where the typical amplitudes of the ambient vibration and the dimensions of investigated or manufactured structures fall in the same range.

Despite of all the constructional differences, the essence of vibration isolation systems is identical. The passive vibration isolation system consists of a spring and damper (dash-pot). The spring is intended to soften vibrations and disturbances, and the damper has to terminate the oscillation which is amplified within the system. The combination of a mass and the spring is known as a mechanical low-pass. The mechanical response of the spring-mass system decreases significantly for frequencies above the resonance frequency, and the damper reduces the vibration amplitude especially within the resonance range. Because of the low-pass characteristic, passive damping systems are designed with very low resonance frequencies. Since pneumatic springs are characterized by low stiffness and high damping, most anti-vibration mountings available are pneumatic systems. Resonance frequencies between 2 to 5 Hz are typically achieved. Due to internal resonance, pneumatic systems amplify vibrations from approximately 1 to 8 Hz instead of damping them. The solution to this problem is active vibration control (AVC). The signals, acquired by extremely sensitive vibration detectors, are analysed by electronic circuitry driving electro-dynamic actuators which instantaneously produce a counter-force to compensate for the vibration. The active damping system has no resonance and no amplification of vibrations at any frequency.

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