Mechanical testing


We offer devices which allows for the determination of the material properties like: hardness, Young’s modulus, plastic and elastic work, creep, fracture toughness, adhesion, scratch resistance, abrasion resistance in different conditions (corrosive, vacuum, liquid environment, gas mixtures environment):

  • Hardness testers

Hardness is one of the values that can not be clearly defined on the basis of known physical quantities. By hardness is understood the resistance to plastic deformation under the action of pressure in the form of specified indenter. Hardness tests are performed because of its simplicity and speed of the measurement. This type of measurement is one of the non-destructive measurement, due to the minimal deformation, as well as the possibility of making measurements on finished parts.

  • Alemnis SEM Indenter

The Alemnis instruments are compact, robust, versatile and can be fitted to various kinds of microscopes such as Scanning Electron Microscopes (SEM), light microscopes, Synchrotron beamlines, and many more.

  • Scratch testers

Scratche testers are the most popular method of testing the strength of adhesion of the coatings to the substrate.

  • Tribometers

Tribology is the study of surfaces moving relative to one another. Tribology is an interdisciplinary field that includes mechanical engineering; materials science and engineering; chemistry and chemical engineering; and more. This wide variety of skills is necessary because many different physical phenomena occur at a sliding interface. There are also many different areas of focus within tribology. Generally speaking, there are three major topics within tribology: friction, wear and lubrication.